Verdezymes (180 capsules)


Calming Digestive Formula

Consider how often we all eat. Well, an agitated and uncomfortable stomach after mealtime— and beyond–is just too much time spent in frustration—not to mention the often-resulting low daytime energy and insufficient rest at night. Digestion is a health issue with far-reaching consequences. It should be a top priority. When we digest well, we have better energy, immunity, and motivation. And, as we age, it is a well-known fact that our digestive efficiency slips. Few supplements will have a greater impact on our feeling of well-being than digestive enzymes—especially, in our view, enzymes from plant sources. Verdezymes® combines fullspectrum, plant-sourced enzymes with key digestive herbs to “potentize” digestion, soothe the GI tract, and calm the mind. In other words, Verdezymes® helps you enjoy your day, and get your rest at night.

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