SolleCertain Quality Standard


SolleCertain™ Our Premium Quality Standard

The SolleCertain™ Commitment

Solle Naturals™ sells only premium natural products, principally sourced from plants. Decades of experience in the Natural Health industry enable us to draw upon the finest and most reliable partners—from growers and suppliers to independent laboratories.  Each partner is selected based upon industry-leading expertise and technology.  We prefer to source our products from specialists—companies that have gained a high level of expertise in specific product areas.  By sourcing from manufacturing specialists rather than a single supplier, we avoid the lag in innovation and quality that so often accompanies manufacturing generalists.

Solle Naturals™ utilizes the most advanced testing methods, and we require that our suppliers meet or exceed government requirements for good manufacturing practices and, where appropriate, pharmaceutical standards.  We are additionally committed to utilizing vegetarian and environmentally responsible delivery methods for our products, such as not using animal-sourced gelatin for our herb powder capsules.  When you buy products from Solle Naturals™, you can be certain that you are receiving products of the finest quality.  Every product you purchase comes with our SolleCertain™ warranty:

(1) We verify and utilize only the most beneficial part of the plant.  Depending upon our body/mind objective, this could be the root, leaf, stem or a combination of each depending upon the plant and its properties.  This warranty includes required official documentation for each ingredient from every partner supplier;

(2) We carefully select and verify the appropriate nature of the plant supplement. In accordance with our mind and body blend, this could be whole plant powder, whole plant extract, standardized extract, or concentrated extract;

(3) We utilize state-of-the-art tests to ensure absolute purity of each ingredient.  This includes tests confirming the absence of microbial, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants;

(4) We select suppliers who utilize harvesting practices that are sustainable and environmentally responsible;

(5) We utilize both scheduled and random finished-product testing, in adherence with our higher, SolleCertain™ standard, and not just required industry standard;

(6) We optimize batch size to ensure maximum product freshness;

(7) We select the delivery method for each product based upon issues of quality, such as potency, potential degradation, and serving size efficacy;

(8) We ensure a future of industry-leading quality by actively seeking out and enabling the use of industry-advancing technology and procedures in all areas of quality control;

(9) We formulate all of our products to benefit both body and mind, in accordance with specific holistic health objectives, thus maximizing the efficiency and value of the product for our customers;

(10) At Solle Naturals™, we stand behind our products with a money-back guarantee.  We are confident that you and those you care about will have a positive experience when using Solle Naturals™ products.

Solle Naturals™ was established with the purpose of lifting others through better mind and body health, and through a happier professional life.  Our SolleCertain™ Quality Standard is at the core of that objective.  You can be certain that our products have the ability to help you change other’s lives for good.  Make Solle Naturals™ your partner in natural health.  You’ll be glad you did.