Get More ZZZ’s with Yuzu

Are you in the 54 % of Americans suffering from not enough sleep?  Sleep deprivation is easily the most common bad habit that contributes to anxiety.  Far too many people suffering from anxiety avoid sleep, which allows their stresses to keep them awake. Sleep is one of the most important tools for coping with stress, anxiety, mood, energy, and the immune system. Sleep controls our hours spent awake, without enough we lose the ability to function at our best. Getting enough sleep is easier said than done though. It takes forming positive habits and dedication to break our bad habits. Like laying on our phones for an hour in bed at night prohibits the release of melatonin which cues our sleepiness. Calming down before bed is a good technique to help get the best night’s sleep.

A new superfruit derived from East Asia called Yuzu, has properties that calm and allow for a sense of relaxation, allowing for a better sleep. A hybrid fruit between a Mandarin and an Ichang Papeda, it is delicious and tastes like a mixture between a lemon, a grapefruit, and a sweet hint of the mandarin. The Yuzu’s oil component “Nomilin” gives a relaxation affect, and provides better circulation on your body. Yuzu has been researched to calm the nervous system and specifically reduce stress levels in the endocrine system, as well as improve a sense of mental relaxation. Yuzu aids in relaxation and the recovery of muscle aches and is commonly added to special hot baths in Asia and Japan to help ward off cold aches and the flu.  Yazu can be found in the newest signature calming formula by Solle Naturals called Solle Renue™.

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