With Essential Oils, Purity Matters

Lately there has been a lot of buzz about essential oils, and rightfully so, for centuries these plant based wonders have been used to both maintain and improve health, vitality, and clarity.  It’s no secret that essential oils can be a healthy part of your life, but many people are surprised to know that the FDA does not regulate essential oils and so when you purchase them, you might not always be getting what the label says.

Because of the lack of regulation, consumers must educate themselves about the purity of essential oils.   Know that mis-labeling can occur in some brands so it is important to know and trust the brand that you are purchasing essential oils from.

We took a moment to talk to Jennifer, a certified holistic aroma therapist who works with Solle Naturals to find out about the purity of the mixtures that are used.  Jennifer explained to us that while essential oils are not FDA regulated, there are a few companies that exceed FDA standards and that Solle Naturals is one of those companies.  She went on to say that the oils used in the Solle Essentials blends are sourced from sustainable farming material derived from one crop, and undergo strict testing to ensure that there are no contaminates.

With all of the positive benefits that essential oils offer, it is comforting to know that Solle Naturals goes above and beyond industry standards to provide pure, unadulterated essential oils.

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